Someone on my team had a hardship recently. They were unable to work. I told them not to worry and to take care of themselves. When her first week of unavailability ended, she sent me a message confused why she was paid in full. After all, she didn’t work that week.

I told her that her long-term well-being and financial stability was worth more to me than short-term “savings” by not paying her because she didn’t work.  And I paid for her second week of absence, too.

She’s now in a better spot and messaged me this…

Want to take this opportunity to thank you and the team.. you all have been so supportive to me.. and now me and my baby who turned 2 years old yesterday are both so thankful!!!  ❤️🙏

And I wanna thank you for understanding so much when I was not feeling well..

I started drawing again and did this for you.. I hope you’ll like it.. 😊

Love the drawing.  🤯

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