Got pulled over for exhibition of speed in the R8. Mandatory impound.

By far, the most enjoyable (and unexpected part) since buying this car is how many people message asking if I can take their kid or grandkids for rides, because “it’s their dream car.”

A friend of my mom that I grew up with asked if I could take his 20-something year old grand daughter for a ride for her birthday, because it’s her favorite car.

Took a short run up a four lane frontage road with no cars… except apparently a cop somewhere.

Flipped around just a quarter mile down the road, and pulled back into drop her off.

As we turned onto her street, cop lights light up behind me.

I pull over. As the cop walks up I open the door. He was visually shaking. It was weird. Not sure if he was nervous what he was walking into.

He says something like, “Dude, what’s going on?”

I was honest and said “Was asked by a friend to take her for a ride for her birthday, because this is her dream car.”

I don’t even know her name.

He replies, “You were on it!” Not in a complimentary way.

“Yes, sir.” I said we just went up the street and back.

He acknowledged, saying he saw us go up the road after he looked up because he could hear the exhaust. Then he saw the short turnaround and caught me on radar on the way back.

“What you did is considered exhibition of speed. Mandatory impound… and it’s not cheap.”

“Yes, sir.”

He said he appreciated my honesty, not being defensive, would check my license, and if clear he wouldn’t give me a ticket.

90 seconds later he was back, comments “doesn’t look like this is something you do” as he hands me my license, as in I have nothing on my record.

He was actually very nice throughout the engagement. Assuming because I didn’t deny anything, and kept my replies short and respectful.

Surprisingly, he apologized for interrupting the bday and wished the girl happy birthday, and we all laughed.

He then talked about how cool the car was, and “it’s built for speed.” Reading between the lines in his comments he thanked me for choosing an open back road to take her for a drive on, and said to have fun. Just don’t get caught. 😆

Think this applies to everywhere in life. Quit BS’ing people, and especially yourself.

I could have made up some crap to him, and it would have been dumb and obvious. Just like the crap we make up every day to people, that they’ve also heard a thousand times.

Life, work, business, relationships… being honest has never done me wrong.

pulled over