6’ish weeks ago I bought a bunch of gifts for a cool cause.

Other than me commenting on the post that asked for help, kept the donation pretty anonymous.  In fact, the guy that founded the cause looked over at my family sitting on the floor and asked if my kids chose a gift. I stood up nodding “no,” gesturing to give me a sec, then explained I donated.

Had the privilege of seeing those gifts given over the weekend. I often feel selfish about these donations, because a part of giving so consistently is because it makes me feel good, too.

There are those that rag on people sharing their gift-giving, which I can appreciate. But there’s a tiny titch more on the other side that makes me think “if it feels good, it feels good.”

The recipients of anonymous help vs “selfish” help know the gratitude felt no differently.

Only going to share one pic because I want to be sensitive to those involved, but was amazing to see the impact of helping less fortunate kids and their parents that are trying to turn life around.

gift giving

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