I had a email from an lead asking for a proposal. I had to tell them no.

I wrote them back saying I wouldn’t provide a quote at this time, but would have a call with them to explain why, and give them ammunition to continue shopping SEO around.

The problem was they were asking for outdated SEO tactics to be included. I knew it would get them nowhere fast, and relationships and reputation matter more to me than money.

Here is part of my exact reply.

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Even if we don’t engage in SEO, I’m happy to just give you ammunition as you shop around.

Then, depending on how that conversation goes, I can give you a formal proposal.

On the call I didn’t pitch SEO National’s services once. Instead, I gave them the ammunition that I promised to help them make educated decisions as they explore SEO possibilities, including shopping quotes from other SEO companies.

They even asked if I can guarantee results. I told them no. But I could tell them to optimistically expect positive results based on my track record. And I gave clear case studies and data to back up what I was saying.

I gave them the reassurance they were after with the “guarantee” question, but I did it honestly and morally.

Not even 12 hours later, at 6:55 am the next day, they asked for a formal proposal. Not only that, they addressed very specific things they picked up as I was helping them on yesterday’s call, which helps me better help them.


SEO and internet marketing in general is full of excessive promises, big sales pitches, and constant under-delivery. Don’t fall for that, and don’t be that.

Trust your gut, and if you’re on the other side of the negotiations, be the person you’d want to do business with.

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