A few months ago I listened to a speaker talk about why you should “define your why.” What’s your “why” for work, for family, for everything? Once you define it, you’re willing to crawl over broken glass for all of it.

Why that resonated with me so much is not that it motivated me but it connected the dots for me. It helped me better understand my drive. Why I continue to succeed. Why others don’t understand my drive.

Because I know my why, memories and legacy for my family, and nothing’s going to stop me from accomplishing it.

family legacy

Everyone should define their why. What is your drive?

  • Is it because you want to provide for your family?
  • Is it because you want to prove somebody wrong from your childhood?

Once you know that, you become your #1 fan.  You too will be willing to crawl over broken glass for anything. Nobody or nothing will stop you.

Those around you will either support you and want to grow with you, or it may tear you apart. They see your drive as a mirror reflecting their own insecurities as you grow and they remain stuck.

But there is always a better version of you to be had. The you in one year can be greater than the you now. The you in five years can do things the previous yous never imagined possible.


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