ChatGPT is going to kill SEO

“ChatGPT is going to kill SEO, omg, totes, arg, blah…”

No, it’s not. You’re just a bandwagoner.

I’ve tested it and every AI tool before it.

AI tools like this are not new. There have been countless others before it. A tool called Jasper was all the rage like ChatGPT is now, just a few months ago.

Is it cool? Yes.

Is it better than the ones before it? Yes.

Will it replace SEO? No.


– Someone needs to input the prompts into ChatGPT
– Someone needs to revise the results
– Someone needs to fact check any claims or data figures

I love the romanticism around AI’s potential, and continue to try every new program as it comes along. However, if you’re writing for the customer first and not just to shortcut/spam/“SEO”-only, it takes longer to stage, draft, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit, trash AI than to do it right the first time with manual research, context, and value added output with humans.

“But, what about voice, Damon?! People already shout at Google Assistant and Siri and ask questions. That’s AI.”

Kinda’ AI, but not entirely. And it’s not ChatGPT.  But either way, same problem.

Since no one is on the other side recording voice drops to answer when someone asks Google, Siri, and Alexa, where do those results from? Regular ol’ websites. The sites that:

  1. have the freshest,
  2. most unique, value added content,
  3. that load the fastest
  4. and are trusted

… SEO fundamentals

Will ChatGPT support SEO, yes.  Replace it, no.

Also doesn’t solve website structure, design, page speed, UX, citations and links. Only helps advise. And even then, still needs human input and feedback loops.

There is also currently no precedence to who even owns the output. Chances are, it’s not you. You didn’t create the output. You used a tool. So you don’t own it.

ChatGPT also doesn’t consistently include citing sources it aggregates its info from. Helllloooo, liabilities.