Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Most celebrations take place in the home, but people can also honor the holiday in the workplace. Employees and company owners alike can all express appreciation for each other and for the successes of the year.

Thanksgiving Week in the Workplace

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Here are some ideas for celebrating on the job in the lead-up to the holiday:

  • Lunchtime celebration – Organize a day for a company luncheon. Have a potluck and eat in the workplace, or go out to a favorite restaurant. This is a great opportunity for employees to mingle and strengthen bonds.
  • Create a wall of thanks – Let your employees express their thanks for people or events that have touched them during the previous year. You can have people write their sentiments on sticky notes and attach them to a designated wall or dedicate a chalk board or white board to the activity.
  • Enjoy games – Organize Thanksgiving-related games like bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling, etc. to bring the holiday spirit into the workplace.
  • Thanksgiving gifts – Many people give gifts at Christmas, but why not award your employees with a thank you gift on Thanksgiving? If you’re in management, consider giving a turkey to your team’s families for their at-home celebrations, or a gift certificate to enjoy a movie as part of the holiday weekend.
  • Give back to the community – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, organize your employees into a team of volunteers who can bring joy to the needy on Thanksgiving Day. Package Thanksgiving dinners to be distributed on the holiday.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in the workplace cultivates a spirit of gratitude and strengthens bonds between employees and leadership. Grateful employees are happy employees. Happy employees are productive employees.

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