Most of us weren’t educated by the adults in our lives. Most of us experienced trauma.  While I get it, it’s not an excuse.

generational chains

  • My parents divorced when I was two.
  • Mom remarried an alcoholic.
  • Grew up lower-middle class, little-to-no disposable income, domestic violence, and constantly walking on egg shells.

But that’s a gift. A crap situation to wish on no one, that makes or breaks you.  Your situation isn’t our fault, but it is your responsibility to choose the making or the breaking.  It’s an opportunity to see the damage and chaos caused first hand and to choose to be the one to break generational chains.

YOU can change the trajectory of your entire lineage.  You have a blank canvas to create a new before and after.

To rewrite your family’s trajectory in such a positive way that your kids’, kids’, grandkids speak of their great great grandparent that blessed their parents’, parents, and everyone in between.

This is my #1 full-time job, to protect, guide, teach financial literacy, and educate my kids so they know the power of love and critical thinking.  If I do it right, I don’t leave just a legacy… but a blue print for them to make such an impact that they all leave legacies of their own.

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