Best Paying Blog Topics

Ever wonder why your blog or site gets 25 clicks a day on the text ads you are displaying, but you’re still earning less than a dollar?  Ask yourself one question and you may find your answer… what is your site about?

The simplest way to think of how to find a high paying topic, or what to start your blog about to earn decent money, is to ask yourself another question.  What pay-per-click (“PPC”) keywords are really competitive right now?  The more competitive the topic, the more potential money you can earn.  Why?  Ads that are displayed on your site are basically the same as AdWords keywords that are displayed on the front of your favorite search engine.  People bid for their positions and placement.  They are doing the same thing for content ads (the ads that display on sites instead of search engines).

If you are also an advertiser, you have an advantage.  You can easily log into your PPC advertiser account and play around with some words.  Go through the steps to set up a new campaign and play around with inputting some keywords.  How much does it tell you that you can expect to pay per click?  After you pad that number with a percent for what cut the search engine would keep for their profits, there you have an educated guess on what a site with that type of keywords and content would earn per click.

Best Paying Blog Topics

Some of my favorite “hot” keywords are related to real estate, health and beauty, and web design.  These are always competitive campaigns.  Everyone always wants to look good.  Real estate ads have such a high ROI (return on investment) that advertisers are willing to bid high amounts, which means you can earn high amounts.  Same with web design related advertisers.  I know of many web design firms that pay upwards of $10 per click.  That’s right… $10 per click.  That is insane, but they have huge ROI’s when you think about the thousands they’ll make by designing a high profile website.

There you go.  To find what blog or site topics you can earn big with, walk in someone else’s shoes for a day.  What would you be willing to pay a lot to advertise?  When you think of something, that means that same item would also have potential to earn a lot.  Now you have your next site topic.