Be Your Own Hero

Really?  Because it’s just after 6 am on a Friday?

It hurts to say this.  You’re probably not getting where you want because you suck at time management.

You’re tired, they’re tired, you’re all tired.  It’s been a long week.  Weekend is almost here.  You deserve a break.

Or do you?

Guess who else is tired that you probably don’t hear complaining?  Your competition.  More importantly, your customer.

Know what you deserve more than a break?Knocking those goals that you want to accomplish off your checklist.

🚫 stop making excuses
🚫 stop wasting time

It’s just after 6 am on a Friday and I’ve already:

✅ ran a mile
✅ lifted for 20 minutes
✅ paid payroll
✅ paid off the credit card for the month
✅ started reading a new copywriting book
✅ glued a part on our SUV that my kids knocked off 😂
✅ scheduled a Monday meeting with a potential SEO client
✅ booked a vacation to proactively solve my undeniably upcoming winter blues
✅ recorded a brief video and sent it to my visual editor, Kevin, for editing
✅ uploaded 1,000 motivational images and 250 videos for my team member, Jade, to sort through for future use

Stop focusing on short term tiredness.  You can sleep in all you want after you build your legacy.  Make it happen today.

🔥 find the time
🔥 find a way

Be your own hero.