January is National Thank You Month and a prime reason to show gratitude to the people who are responsible for the success of your business. Before January slips away, take the time to thank your patrons, employees, business partners, and others who help your company thrive. Saying thanks is a great way to give your customers and associates a pat on the back and to strengthen your relationship with them.

Always Say Thank You

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Ways to Say Thank You

There are a number of different ways to express gratitude. Consider the following options:

  • Thank you letter – Nothing beats a thank you letter written with a personal touch. Whether the recipient is a customer, supplier, or loyal employee, a letter can help bolster your working relationship.
  • Phone call – A phone call is another important way of showing your appreciation to people. A quick call expressing appreciation to a patron, for example, goes a long way in forging customer loyalty.
  • Invoice thank you notes – When you send an invoice to a customer, include a short note thanking him or her for the purchase. This can often pack a greater punch than offering a discount.
  • Thank you gift – Sending a small gift can be a high-impact way to express appreciation. When someone patronizes your business in a significant way or refers a friend, a modest gift will usually help convert that person into a returning customer.
  • Under promise and over deliver – This is a great mantra for business owners. Think of a way to offer just a little bit more than the customer is expecting.

Expressing appreciation is a great way to make the people around us feel valued. Start your year off right by showing gratitude to those who contribute to the development of your business.

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