AI wll not kill SEO. It will do the opposite. And, not for the reason you think. Not because AI makes SEO easier. It makes lazy SEO’s lazier.

With large amounts of low-quality, AI-generated content being mass produced and flooding search engines, quality matters over quantity more than ever.

More importantly… AI is going to make SEO more valuable and in-demand than ever.

Check out this screenshot. The AI results TAKE UP THE WHOLE PAGE.


[click to enlarge]

AI results will amplify GOOD content, not quantity content.  And, guess where those “AI” results come from?

  1. unique, value-added content (content)
  2. from a quickly accessible website (structure)
  3. that Google trusts (credibility)

Sounds to me like the same ol’ core pillars of boring, traditional, regular, non-AI SEO.

SEO wins against the bandwagoners, again.