Good SEO is more than just traffic. It also increases conversions in two ways; emotionally and technically.

1 – Emotionally ❤️

You attract a higher converting, pre-qualified audience.

When your content is optimized to better align with a buyer’s needs and clearly communicates how your product solves their problems, no brainer to buy what you offer.

2 – Technically 📈

Your website works better and faster.

When your website loads quicker and is more mobile friendly, people can find what you offer faster, and with less resistance. When the emotions of #1 compel a buy and #2 helps them find your solution and checkout faster, everyone wins.

SEO conversions

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Bonus 🏆

3 – Compelling content + a fast website also helps all other traffic.

  • If you’re running paid ads, a faster speed can lower your cost per click and cost per lead because now your ad quality score is better.
  • When your content is more compelling and better aligned with your ad, it may also lower your CPC/CPL because of improved ad quality score.
  • Sending emails? Boom. Same benefits above apply when people can click an email, load your site faster, and solver their problems faster because your website is optimized.

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