3 Month Ranking Explosion

Called a new client because we’re in month 3 of SEO. After the small talk, asked how everything was going.

“GREAT! Getting a ton of new leads, so I’m assuming it’s you because I’m not doing anything else.”

Look at this explosion in rankings on Google mobile.

3 Month Ranking Explosion

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Moved their website off of Wix and over to WordPress.  My team tackles all the heavy lifting, but I like to spot check things and foster the relationship. We reverse engineered the same design, but on WordPress we could then control caching, minification, and other variables to improve the page load.

Migrating their website’s backend tottaaaaaallly did the trick.

  • In the attached, the first column shows what keywords they’re targeting to monetize.
  • Second column is where that keyword shows up on Google. 1 = #1 on page 1.
  • The second #1 in parenthesis means they’re also #1 in local maps. So they have two rankings on page one. Greater page on monopoly = Rad.
  • The green number represents how many positions the keyword increased from where it stood before SEO started. For example, +73 means in jumped 8 pages and 3 spots (there are 10 results per page).
  • If it says “Entered” it means it didn’t even rank at all (at least back 10 pages/100 results) and jumped allllll the way to number one!

Getting a return on SEO doesn’t have to take forever if you do it right. Can’t wait to see the other keywords that they dominate Google for when we hit full stride.