Yesterday, my 8 year old, without me there, gave a kid $20 tip at a $0.50 lemonade stand.

I was in my office and he comes in. “Dad. There was this kid selling lemonade and I asked how much it was. He said $0.50 and then I tipped him $20.”

His OWN $20.

My internal reaction was “wut?” 😳

This kid is the most naturally innocent kid. He’ll basically open his chest and says “here’s my heart, if you want it?”

After my panic eyeballs, I knew this was something special to him and didn’t want to take it away. I asked “Did it make you feel good?”

He said, “Yes.” So I told him he did the right thing then.

After tipping the kid he asked my son, “are you sure?!”

He confirmed.

As my son got down the street, the kid yells again, “Are yooouuu suuurrrre?”

– “Yes!”

My wife and I were talking about it later and she said she asked him the same question, “did it make you fee good?”

Then he shared with her that he wanted to do it because one day a UPS driver stopped at his lemonade stand at our house and gave him $20 (I think it was more like $5, but 🤫) and it made him feel good, so he wanted to make someone else feel good.

Kindness has a butterfly effect. Proud dad.

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