Know what’s great about the internet?

Yes, cat videos, but also…


There is some truth to the quote above, because the internet provides endless opportunities for anyone into anything. We’re not talking the usual generic opportunities. We’re talking things that you can be passionate about.

✅ Are you a health fanatic? Be a virtual fitness coach?

✅ Cosmetics your thing? Record makeup tutorials.

✅ Even hackers make money as “ethical hackers” by helping businesses improve security.

✅ And other stuff I won’t mention because… it’s the internet. Use your imagination.

You can even start a wildly successful business from nothing like my friend Mark Harsley.

He is a custom hat manufacturer that’s made hats for:

  • Eminem tour
  • Mountain Dew
  • Ice Cube Movies
  • Sons of Anarchy crew
  • Famous startups like Tumblr and Trello

The inspiring part? He designed his lifestyle how he wanted.

He’s a father, night owl, and is in Australia. 🇦🇺

So he built a business where he works nights when his market is waking up. 🇺🇸

The internet killed excuses. Well, it probably created 100x more than it got rid of. 😆

Listen to Mark’s story of going from zero to entrepreneur as a nocturnal business owner.