July 5th is Workaholics Day. A day that light-heartedly encourages workaholics to get in some downtime. While downtime is a must-have to achieve work-life balance, there are also misconceptions about being a workaholic. Understandably, workaholics are said to be people who put in a lot of work hours until they reach burnout. While that may be true in some circumstances, for others, like me, being a workaholic simply means that you love what you are doing. And that is the reason why I now have found success as an entrepreneur.

Workaholic Has Led Me to Success

If there is a type of workaholic that would best describe my work ethics, it would be “engaged workaholic.” These are the type of people who keep on working because they simply love to work. For me, work is my hobby. For this, I am proud to be a workaholic. By this definition, how can you get burned out if you love what you are doing? It is because of this love for what I do that I was able to put in enough time and sweat to put SEO National and Utah Sites on the map.

That being said, not all workaholics are those pushed or shoved into excessive hours. On the other hand, an engaged workaholic is someone that voluntarily puts in extra hours and still finds time to balance personal life with work.

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