Why Not Reach Out to Big People?

Why not tell others (famous, family, friend, or stranger) that you appreciate them?

In 1999, I met Ice-T. Today, I sent him a copy the signed photo from that event, my SEO book, and wrote him this letter.

Why Not Reach Out to Big People?

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Thank you.

In 1999 you spoke at Weber State College. It was inspiring to have someone of your caliber in the space of hip-hop come to Utah.

I don’t expect you to remember me, but if you do recall anything about your visit, I was the one that brought a mic for you to autograph and you seemed pleasantly surprised by that.

I still have the mic, and a year after your speech I went on to work seven years on-air at Utah’s first (and only remaining) hip-hop station, U92.

It was a privilege to meet you, and then to continue playing on-air and meeting other legends, new and old at the time, like Cube, Nelly, Snoop, and the great Shock G even hit on my wife back stage while I was away. 😆

But you were the first in my memory bank, and I thank you for that.

I’ve since gone on to succeed founding a now-14-year old internet marketing company, some of which was born in U92’s radio studio between on-air breaks.

With an 33-person deep international team supporting me, Forbes features, and an Amazon best-selling book (that you’re holding), please accept my book as a small token of appreciation for that little blip in history that you gifted me that made an impact.


Damon Burton”