We often miss out on numerous opportunities that life brings forth.

A thought crossed my mind when I looked at my kids sleeping last night…

Where did the time go?

They are growing up too fast.

It made me question: “should ‘fast’ really be the goal?”

Getting to the finish line…?!

I like slow and steady growth as I believe, the best things grow little-by-little over time.

As they say: “In the wait, we are ripened and readied.”

I wish I had time when I was young to make a few more memories.

Learning is a part of the process but these memories are important and ‘sacred.’

I am a subscriber of this same thought in the business world.

A majority of lottery winners end up going broke and bankrupt.

Why? They aren’t equipped to handle the financial gain that ‘fast.’

I have seen many billion dollar businesses shut down because they rushed the process…

A slower pace helps your brand’s roots stretch deep and wide with value.

So, with each passing day, be it your personal life or business life, get a little more experience and learn a thing or two,

And don’t forget to enjoy the process.

For the journey is half the fun.

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