My elementary aged son has been in school for 100 days. His class is celebrating by pretend reflecting on what he’s done and where he’s at when he’s 100 years old.

when my son is 100

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❝I was a soccer player and I am retired from soccer. I played for Inter Miami.

I have 4 grand children and I have 2 kids.

I have 2 dogs.

I have 3 McLaren 570s in yellow, and 5 Lambos, 3 Bugatti’s.

My first house was in New York and then Miami, and then a $5.2 million dollar house and 8 Audi R8s, and a big pool for my grand children and I have made my dreams come true.❞

Love that me mentions McLarens, because he has a core memory of riding in one I rented for a one-on-one dad trip. Love that it’s yellow, because that’s what ours was.

Love that he mentions an Audi R8, because that’s what dad has.

Glad I can inspire him.

Glad he has his own big dreams.

Glad that he’s foreshadowing that he made them come true. ❤️

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