Good grief. What happened to a word?  Your word?

Friends missing lunches, people missing appointments, phone calls, anything that requires a scheduled time… missed.

And ghosts are real, because ghosting and not even acknowledging that your thing was missed is all in a day.

This isn’t a millennial thing. Not that argument at all. It’s much larger than that.  It’s the new norm of society. Missed agendas are seemingly more frequent now than following through on your word.

I miss the old days, and those days aren’t even long enough ago to be called “old.”

No wonder so many people are unhappy. How can someone expect to get anywhere or accomplish anything if they can’t do the easy things in life?  And then how could these people expect to do any better with the harder things in life?

  • No wonder people’s dreams die.
  • No wonder opportunities are missed.
  • No wonder business startups fail.

I get it. Life happens. I’m not talking about a missed thing here or there. I’m talking about the new culture of it being habit.  Even then, if life happens and you miss X, call at your next opportunity and say, “Sorry. Life happened.”

But even that common courtesy is dying, along with a “thank you” for a gift sent, a door opened, or an acknowledgement of a helping hand.

If you want to get 💩 done, then get all the 💩 done.

Because the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

common courtesies

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