What's your next move?

One of the moves I made in life was to NOT have a next move.

Too many people get scared of change. What’s scarier than change is sticking to what’s safe and finishing what you later regret.

I didn’t commit to pursuing a direct path in the early years of starting my first company, because I didn’t know what final destination was right for me. So I wasn’t in a rush to chose my next move.

When you first go into business it’s usually comparable to asking a 3 year old, “where do you see yourself in 10-20 years?” You can “answer” that question, but be honest… you can’t realistically because life is so new.

  • When you’re a child, do you know what you want out of a career? No.
  • When you’re a child, do you know what you want in a partner? No.

The same applies in business. Starting is more important than immediately deciding where the finish line is because everything is so new.

What's your next move?

When the person in this screenshot messaged this question, below was my reply.

Pre-company mindset:
Start a company, grind it out before having kids.

Company years 1 – 2:
Cool to be self employed. Good enough (for now).

Years 2 – 4:
I should probably hire to support growth. Hired 2 or 3 people.

Years 4 – 8:
Figure out how to scale. Hire 5 or 6.

Years 8-14:
20 employees, just hired 3 more this week (23 now) and upwards to 10 more in the next few days.

Years 15+:
Hire my replacement, retire. I dunno. 🤷‍♂️

Can’t get from phase one to phase four, five, and six without tripping and learning from the phases in between. Give yourself the freedom to simply put one foot in front of the other.

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