14 years ago, I built SEO National from the ground up. It’s been a rewarding roller-coaster of sacrifices and experiences to build up a company and team that works with NBA teams Inc-recognized, Shark Tank-featured companies and billion dollar brands.

But achieving a certain amount of business success is nothing if you can’t help bring others up a level. Caring for people, showing them that they don’t know what they don’t know, and inspiring them to take action — this is the latest chapter in which I measure success.

If you really want to make it happen, don’t let your circumstances stop you. If it feels hopeless, find someone to guide you. Don’t be afraid to ask help from the right people. DM them. Send an email. Connect with them on social. Whatever.

Explore. Learn.

Or maybe you’re in a fortunate position. Success isn’t just about broadcasting your accomplishments. It’s also about helping others succeed. It’s your time to help ring others up in their game.

We’re all in this together.

level up

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