I get asked all the time what niche my SEO company focuses on.  We don’t.

That used to really bother me in my agency’s infant years. But 17 years later, I’m glad we’re not niched, because I don’t want to be the “lawyer-only SEO” or the “dentist SEO.”

Definitely nothing wrong with it. It’s true. There are riches in the niches.  But maintaining results and quality control at scale beyond a niche boils down to documentation… Standard Operating Procedures.

For scope, here is a list of industries that my team boarded new clients in over 2023.

  • travel
  • cosmetics
  • home flipper
  • chiropractor
  • financial advisor
  • water softener company
  • network marketing company
  • outhouses (yes, toilets)
  • real estate investing
  • collectible figurines
  • photography company
  • memory expert
  • print mailer
  • software
  • educator
  • tax advisor
  • self defense
  • accounting firm
  • luxury furniture
  • door manufacturer
  • business acquisition company
  • hearing loss supplements
  • professional sports team
  • upscale restaurant
  • wealthy advisory
  • trucking company
  • lifestyle brand
  • Russell Brunson
    • newsletter
    • books

“Riches are in the niches.”

Yes, but I like “SOPs brings the monies,” better.  😆💰💵

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