Most quit around 11.  But here we are, a year later.

Starting a podcast had been on my mind for years. Finally decided to commit or stop thinking about it.  43 episodes later, can I share with you what I’ve learned in starting the Learning From Others podcast?

First, the guests have been amazing.

✅ Damion Lupo – 4-time college dropout, who became a self-made multi-millionaire by age 25.

✅ Karen Walker – One of Compaq Computers first employees, and helped grow it to one billion dollars.

✅ Ivan Ramirez – One of Overstock’s first employees. Later, built his own software company that was bought by Groupon.

✅ Dale Majors – Built a successful online retail store that was sold for millions.

✅ Teri Klug – Business leader and master jobs creator.

✅ Owen Fuller – GM of Lucid Press, a software with 20+ million users and over 400 employees.

Beyond the awesome guests, here is what I’ve learned.

  1. Sound quality matters, but start with the basics. Because starting is more important than waiting while thinking you need a $400 mic.
  2. Podcasts are therapeutic. It’s great hearing relatable stories of struggles and successes of other entrepreneurs.

I’m thinking about putting together a collection of tips that all of the podcast guests have dropped on the show over the last year.

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