Four years ago, two of my international team members married. Here is the story of a life-size cardboard cutout of me at their wedding.

I was invited but my wife was pregnant. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend, but couldn’t leave my wife half way across the world.  What started as a bit of a joke suggestion evolved into one of the most heartfelt gestures I could have imagined from my team members of my SEO company.

The joke? A life-size cardboard cutout to take my place.  A few weeks later, there I stand… 6’ish foot cardboard me towering among my Filipino friends in a wedding line.

But stop for a sec and think about how much of an impact has been made with someone for them to invite a placeholder to represent you in their wedding. This, and being asked to be a “Ninong,” like a godfather (twice) are among the sincerest forms of appreciation I could ever imagine.

cardboard Damon