❌ At age 32, the last employer I had before starting my agency was sentenced to 29.5 years in federal prison.

  • Lost his kids.
  • His wife divorced him.

I’ve learned just as much in avoiding what others have done wrong than seeing how others do right.  It’s taught me that there’s value opposite approaches.

Everyone is always talking about “find what you love,” or “be a bazillionaire.” Well, yeah. But depending on where you’re at in life, how do you do either of those?

Whenever I’ve been stuck, if I don’t know what’s next, I focus on what’s NOT next. By eliminating those things, it reveals what you do want.

With my former employer as an example, would you rather find success that took longer, or make millions in a short period of time… and lose it all, including your family?

✅ I may not have known what I wanted to focus my agency on when I started SEO National 17 years ago, but I DID know that I didn’t want to be greedy or selfish.

It’s not always the fastest path, but delayed gratification has always lead me right, and never got me in trouble along the way.

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