Win some, lose some.

As we took on two new clients this month, we also lost two.  Most on social media only highlight the wins. But losses come with the territory, too, and they’re equally important to talk about.

Both of these clients I love. And I mean the products. Loving the clients, at least for me, is a given. Both are rad owners, good people, and I’m excited to see what they do with their companies. But the products I personally find cool, and was even a customer before they became clients.

The first loss is in apparel. Their industry took a big hit with COVID. They’re in a bit of swag apparel and branding, so as businesses tightened up on their swag and branded giveaways, this client was affected.

It’s interesting to see how the pandemic impacts different industries. Obviously, some are down, but most of my clients are skyrocketing. Even more interesting, is this first client has had search engine demand nearly double (see attached).

organic ranking increases

Though interest in their branded products has increased, guess budget isn’t there for people to pull the trigger. They said they’ll circle back next year, and I believe them.

It’s rare that we lose a client (still have the first dozen or so from FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!) 🤯 And when we do lose a client, it’s usually for reasons unrelated to performance and 50%+ actually do come back a year or two later.

The second client is getting more into diversified media. They have a kids product and get good engagement through social media. Super innovative product that they’re carving out their own new industry with. They’re going to do big thing.

Happy and sad.

Never exciting to lose a client. But I’m happy because the way I foster relationships, I’m still friends with both clients, and I look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the near future.

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