There is nothing you cannot accomplish with today’s technology. Even send money to Nigeria. 🤔

Today, I donated $50 to 10 people after making a post on Facebook and LinkedIn about helping other people. The money went towards:

✅ Helping a parent with their utility bills
✅ Helping a family with groceries and gas
✅ Yes, even donated to a guy in Nigeria

We’ve been connected long before the donation opportunity arose. He’ll be forwarding the money to an orphanage.

Friday is also payday for my team.

It’s amazing to think that in one day I was able to:

💵Pay my team, local and across the globe
❤️ Help ten people, near and far
👖All without even wearing pants

Want to impact the world?  Technology will let you.

What are you waiting for?

Want to impact the world?  What are you waiting for?