In the last week I’ve had multiple posts go viral, and here’s what I’ve learned…

The posts were about:

❤️ Love
💵 Money
🚀 Business

The post about love was how much I appreciate my wife. The post about money was how much I appreciate people’s hard work ethics. The post about business was about growth.

And guess what else happened when these posts went viral? I got more haters than ever.


One guy assumed I was objectifying my wife. Another person assumed I think money is all that matters. The business guy said my excitement was “too good to be true… hyperbole or even incredulity.”

As I sit here with my “favorite people call me dad” shirt and my wife’s bridal pictures still hung up on my wall 16 years later, those replies told me more about the people that made the comments than they did about myself.

  • The one guy screams that he has relationship insecurities.
  • The other person screams that they’re not comfortable with their finances.
  • The last has scarcity mindset, justifying their fears for their own growth.

When people jump to conclusions, it’s usually to make themselves feel better about the position they’re in and has little to do with the position that you’re in.

With each hater my mission becomes more clear. I’m here to show the world what’s possible… not babysit doubters satisfied with mediocrity.

If you want to make an impact on the world, get used to haters. They’re not mad at your accomplishments. They’re mad at the lack of their own.

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