My latest chapter in life is giving.  How can I leave the world a better place?

✅ Giving without expecting in return.
✅ Inspiring the next generation.

I love talking to business groups, and masterminds. But there’s a special place in my heart for youth.

  • High schools
  • College students

The youth has the world in front of them, with usually few qualified people to give them real world guidance.
Social media can tell them all the cliche stuff.

😴 Make money
🥱 Travel

But what about the real world?

❌ The struggles
❌ Self doubt
❌ Stress
❌ Those that should support you the most, friends and family, supporting you the least?

But the struggles are nothing compared to the rewards, and entrepreneurship is worth it… and then some.

  • The freedom of time
  • The ability to inspire others
  • The gift of changing the world
  • The opportunity to write your own story

I charge $1,000/hour to consult. But just wrapped up a two hour Q&A with ~30 college students for $Free.99, because inspiring others a calling for me.

SEO speaker Damon Burton

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I’ve planted the seed of financial freedom for many, some of which I’ve already seen it blossom into self-employment and financial stability.

Others I know I’ve broken generational chains of victim mentality.

Knowing the momentum I’m creating within the wave of a Butterfly Effect, multiplied by inspired people inspiring others has a compounding effect that I’ll never be able to quantify. But I know it’s there.

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