Business owners, two things that will make or break you:

  1. EVERYTHING should have a standard operating procedure documented.

No team member should do any task from memory. Ever.

Everything you do more than once should be documented.

Your business should not be dependent on people. It should be dependent on processes, which empowers the team + guarantees quality control.

  1. Your team is only as strong as your weakest link.

There is no room for mediocrity. Those that tolerate mediocrity, deserve mediocrity.

It’s not selfish to let one person go that’s holding back the rest of the team. Yes, give them proper direction, support and chances. But if it’s not a match, the opposite, stringing them along and sacrificing many team members for the benefit of one, is selfish.

The BEST thing you can do for others is tell them that truth. Not telling them the truth is the misfortune.

  • They’re doing amazing? Tell them.
  • They’re dropping the ball? Tell them.

The person you have in your mind will become a better person for the lessons they learn.  Being honest will make you a better employer, better employee, better leader, better spouse, better parent… a better everything.

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