Total Job Security & Love-Hate for Technology

Want total job security?

Great. Let me tell you about my love-hate relationship with technology.

As much as it “connects” us, it is equally tearing us apart an an uncontrollable rate.

McDonald’s has self-ordering kiosks.

Sam’s Club is opening up a cashier-less store in Texas.

Amazon already has Amazon Go that is cashier-less.

And while the local grocery store may not go cashier-less, they definitely have less cashiers than before with their self-checkout stations.

We’re moving towards an interaction-less society.

And our cell phones are accelerating that problem.

How much screen time do you get in a day?

Parents, how much screen time do your kids get in a day?

Total Job Security & Love-Hate for Technology

Kids from mid-to-higher income families average 6 hours a day of screen time.


Lower income kids average 8 hours.


I completely agree that some cashier/people-less actions are more efficient.

There are definitely days that I don’t want to pretend to smile with a cashier as I buy my toiletries.

But combining people-less environments with the decline of in-person interactions because of habitual device use and it’s the perfect storm to groom future generations to be anti-social.

Want a successful career in the future?

Learn soft skills, because there will be entire generations that don’t know how to engage another human.