This guy’s sent me over $50k in business, yet we’ve never met in person until now.  Randomly.  At an airport.

His name is Todd Hartley, and he’s a legend.

Want to grow your business? He’s the guy that Tony Robbins personally invites to speak at his Business Mastery event.

Want to increase sales using video? His company WireBuzz is the company that helps businesses use video to increase sales.

He’s also the nicest guy.

The internet is amazing. We’ve talked half a dozen times over the years, and I’d consider him a genuine in-person friend, all without ever meeting in person before today.  Was standing around, heading to Mexico for one-on-one time with my wife.

I look up, he’s staring at me. I stare back at him.  Both in disbelief, we throw up our arms and bro-hug it out.

We met through podcasting years ago and hit it off on our appreciation for morals and transparency in business.  We also had interesting overlaps in our origin stories.

Same as me, he started in digital marketing, and had some unique SEO wins over the years.  Prior to SEO, we both worked in radio.

After meeting through podcasting, we’ve stayed in touch over the years.  Hottie actually got to meet him in person before I did. I knew he was speaking at Tony Robbins UPW last year so I text him to keep an eye out.

First thing next morning he texts me a pic of him and my wife. “Found Hottie!”

Success is great and all, but it’s better when you can share it with cool people.

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