Today is the day

There are a lot cliché sayings, quotes, and discussions about doing big things in life. Even me posting a reflective pic of myself is cliché. 😆

Today is the day

In my experience, the key to gaining momentum towards doing whatever it is that you want to do is one thing.


That’s it.

🚫 Not planning every last detail.

🚫 Not waiting for the “right time.”

🚫 Not saving a gazillion $$$ first.

🚫 Not getting validation from peers.

Today is the day to create more.
Today is the day to help more people.
Today is the day to stop talking and start doing.
Today is the day to place action in front of inaction.
Today is the day to stop focusing on faults and start focusing on strengths.

Starting starts with starting.

Today is the day.