Recently, I had a good friend ask if I could help him set up an online store for his family business, selling floral supplies.  His dad had been running it the good ol’ fashion way.  With their success as-is, they wanted to duplicate that success online, too.  I had them purchase a couple domains, one of them being  This is the domain that would actually be hosted, because it had the best opportunity for SEO.

I had been experimenting with how influential certain elements of a website are for SEO.  What single optimization items return the greatest SEO “bump” if you were to do only one thing.  At this point, it was a good opportunity to test title tags with a brand new site.

I decided to set them up using Joomla for their CMS (Content Management System) to run the site. After a quick install I set up some test items for them so they could understand how the site works and begin building it and adding content.

After I turned the site over to them I made one change.  That’s it.  Just one SEO change.  I updated the title tag to read “Discount Floral Supplies.”  I left everything else.  I left the default “Home – ” prefix in the title tag. I left the default meta description, keywords, etc.  The only other benefit they had was the domain I suggested they buy was great, too.

The combination of those two (domain + title tag) was amazing.  Amazing and fast.  I had them buy the domain on May 28th, 2008.

Discount Floral Supplies

Just four days later they were on page one of Google out of 1 million+ results for the term “discount floral supplies.”

Discount Floral Supplies

The lesson to be taken is that title tags are very important.  Personally, I would consider them one of the most important elements of SEO.  Now, with the combination of that and a matching domain.  You can hit a homerun for whatever your domain may be.

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