Tired Happiness

Last week was brutal. I was tired. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

When you accept that you are responsible for the forward direction in your life, amazing things happen.  Yes, we all had “something” in the past. But I focus on what I can control about the future.

I’m was tired because I just finished five back-to-back 20 hour days ending with 2 am mornings.  Still finding dad time for bike rides, parks, and 10 pm pool swims with my littles.

Tired Happiness

All on the tail end of months wrapping up the final print of my #SEO book.

But I CHOSE to put in the time.

That’s why I don’t care I’m tired. It was MY choice.

Now I REAP THE REWARDS for that time.

No one else took the risks of time, not to mention the dollars put on the line.

For what, you ask?  A free five day SEO workshop.  Yes. I put in hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to promote a book and FREE workshop. Surprise! Books and free workshops don’t make you money!  But they make you connections.

  • I met HUNDREDS of new entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • I EARNED the referrals and leads.
  • I BENEFIT from those planted seeds.

No one else took those risks for me.  Surprise! No one is going to take those risks for you either.

Don’t wish or wait for opportunities.  Make them happen.