No matter how large your company gets, there’s no such thing as being done growing your business.  Cultivating new business leads is an ongoing pursuit. Sales leads can be accessed through advertising, direct mailings, trade shows, and other marketing efforts.

Tips to Generate Sales Leads

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As you seek to grow your business, here are a few ideas for getting more leads:

  • Search Engine Optimization – Appearing on the top of Google rankings is one of the best ways to generate leads. You can generate more traffic to your website and increase your inbound sales leads 24/7 with a properly optimized website.
  • Blogs – When you regularly post to your blog you can build up a loyal audience of readers. More rich content attracts more valuable readers, and more loyal readers can start a movement of loyal customers.
  • Press releases – Issuing regular press releases can help drive traffic to your website, thus creating inbound sales leads. Make sure to avoid the free press release sites.  You don’t want your press release showing up next to a spam announcement of Viagra, right?  Spending a few bucks for your press releases distribution is a wise investment.  One of my favorite, more affordable PR sites is
  • Referrals – Most customers are happy to share with others about the value that you bring. Sometimes you just have to ask them.  And if you’re willing to set up a system to reward referrals, that’s a win/win situation that may accelerate those referrals.
  • Webinars – An online seminar could be a great forum for developing sales leads. Decide what you’re passionate about, record a video, and then put it on auto-repeat to streamline your lead gen source.

Not every effort to generate new leads will crystallize.  The trick is to stick with it.  One method is bound to work if you commit to giving it the proper amount of time and experimentation.  Be creative and diligent, and your efforts will pay off over time.

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