Two years ago, started mentoring a 19 year old.

He wanted to get into search engine marketing. Told him to learn web design first, because you can’t optimize a website if you don’t know how websites are built.

Recommended he build them for free for the experience.

A year later of building sites for $0, told him to position himself as building basic websites, communicating his skills honestly, that he’d do them for $500 because he was still learning, but had reasonable experience.

Now, in the most recent year, he started charging $1500+.

He just closed a $4k deal with another proposal out for a $5700 site.

He’s cranking out one of these monthly now, with his lead volume increasing, ON THE SIDE of his 9-5 blue collar labor job.

So much so that he’s already set the expectations with his boss that he’ll eventually go out on his own.

He’s got more drive than 95 out of 100 adults that ask for advice. Problem is, most don’t really want advice. They want to know if there are ways to cheat their way to success… if there are shortcuts.

No, there are not shortcuts.

“Luck” rewards those that put in the time

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