Three things I have going on today

Here are three things I have going on today.

  1. Speaking on the From Founder to CEO podcast. This will be fun to talk about success, family, and growth.
  2. Also joining the 808 Podcast with Bob Clark. This one will be fun because Bob’s podcast is unconventional. The change of pace will be refreshing.
  3. Taking my wife’s 18 year old nephew to open a retirement account.

And the last one probably means the most. I’m sure it means a lot to him, but I’m talking about how much it means to me.

Six months ago he asked for my opinion on life. That meant a lot for him to ask me such a valuable question.  We went to lunch and talked about careers, the viability of college, family, money, life, taxes. All of it.

And it stuck. He listened and he’s been making moves.

In the last six months he’s joined me for mastermind calls, started studying online opportunities, been practicing business ideas… and asking questions. Asking. Freaking. Questions!

I don’t know how many hundreds of people I’ve helped over the years that take that experience and do… nothing.

99.9999% of people that ask about how to get ahead do absolutely nothing with the answers to their own questions. And years later they’re still in the same spot, sometimes even went in reverse a bit.  In talking with other mentors and successful entrepreneurs, I’m not the only one that sees it. And that’s why I’m excited with this aspiring entrepreneur. Because he’s taking action. He’s doing…  Doing anything.

  • He’s asking questions.
  • He’s trying.
  • He’s making mistakes.
  • He’s learning.
  • He’s growing.

After today he’ll deposit $100 into his new retirement account. And that’s $100 more than most people I know that are two-to-three times his age.

Everyone wants the easy way. Which makes it the hard way in the long run. He’s going to be miles ahead of his peers by making the “sacrifice” now of saving early while his friends are partying.