While I’ve networked, gained friends, earned clients, and had the opportunity to start working on ClickFunnels SEO for some of Russell Brunson’s companies, Inner Circle has become more than a mastermind at this point. It’s family in many ways.

  • Supportive
  • Vulnerable

The membership year just renewed, and the last two days were the first get together of the new year.

Seems like a right of passage coming in new.

Part of the membership requirements are you have to verifiably make $1,000,000+.  You also pay $50,000 annually to join.

When you know you’re walking into a room at that level for the first time, you feel like an imposter. You know for a fact that, even at an any level of success, many are ahead of you. Like, miles ahead…

Whether you are at a million a year, or a million a month, there are friends in this group doing a million in a single day. Consistently. You feel out of place. At least, I did my first year.

  • You question how you can contribute.
  • You question if you made the right decision with your money.
  • You question your business.
  • You question your routines.
  • You question EVERYTHING.

I saw magic happen when existing Inner Circle family welcomed and embraced new friends.  Existing members welcomed and led by example.  They gave. Gave more. Then gave some more.

We opened up.  Told scary stories about insecurities and vulnerable things.  Losing opportunities.  Losing family.

Wasn’t even the end of the first day and rooms full of adults were crying.  Crying because they related to failures, health scares, stress, big dreams.  Human to human is how we grow.

At the end of the day, no matter how accomplished, we all crave support and comfort in who we are, and encouragement to become who we want.  Inner Circle does that.

After a great two days, couldn’t get home fast enough for hugs and snugs from Hottie and the kids. ✌️

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