I remember driving to my cabin during the winter a few years ago. It’s a two hour drive, and I was driving at 5 in the morning.

About half way there is a beautiful canyon with a river. Some dude was there, fly fishing.

It was freezing. Dumb cold.

I start thinking how it was only 6am, and that guy is geared up and in full-swing, mid-river. He had to drive, get ready, and put on all that gear, too. He had to have got up even earlier than I did. And, in miserably cold conditions. And I bet he was loving every second of it.

I envied that he had something he was that passionate about it, and it’s stuck in my head for years since.

I’m a dad.

I’m a husband.

I’m an agency owner and entrepreneur.

But, who is Damon as an individual?

I dunno.

I don’t have favorite sports, movies, bands… anything that I can think of. Sure, there are ones I like, but not any I’m overly passionate about.

That’s how it is with most things.

Any time I consider sports, fishing, boating… I have no desire for more “things” in my life that come with those.

When I consider potential hobbies… I have no desire for time away from my wife and kids.

I love my family, travel, and entrepreneurship. That’s about it.

But can’t help but regularly feel like I need a thing just for me. So I’ve been trying a little of everything to see what I like and don’t like in life, what is enjoyable and what isn’t, including this pic of me in a light hyperbaric chamber a few days ago. It was isolating and calming.

I’m not saying there HAS to be more in my life. Maybe I’m so content that I don’t need more. 🤷‍♂️

But I’m on a mission to find out, and I think that’s healthy.

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