The Importance of Momentum

I remember my first time. ❤️

I was 16 and anxious.

Equally scared.

When I opened my first credit line it was from RC Willey, a home furnishing store. Their credit accounts were also accepted for purchases at Big O’ Tires. Being 16, of course cars were life.

I was eager to build my credit and I needed new tires for my hoopty car.🚗

That credit line used to buy new tires would also help me build additional credit, because I wanted to buy a new vehicle in the near future.

In addition to buying new tires on that credit line, I was able to buy my first digital camcorder. That MiniDV recorder would go on to contribute to me capturing video and pictures for what would be my first website I ever built; a car enthusiast website. 📹

That website led me to learn web design.

Which led me to learn internet marketing.

Which led me to starting SEO National, a search engine optimization company that has now serviced clients on 4 continents. 🌎

And the 800+ credit score?

The Importance of Momentum

That’s a bonus that has put unlimited resources to grow the company even more in the palm of my hands.

Next month is 12 years for SEO National. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you take the momentum of one small accomplishment and roll it into your next goal. 🤗