Sitting with my wife at our kid’s basketball game thinking about how doing the right thing is amazing.

  • Freedom not to hide. Freedom to ask. Freedom to grow.
  • Boys night out? Any time, because my wife trusts me.
  • Girls night out? Any time, because I trust her.

Not just personal things, but all things…

  • Want advice from someone ahead of you? Done, because they see and want to support your hustle.
  • Want to help someone that’s in a position you used to be in? Done, because they trust you from the reputation you built.

peace of mind

There’s such freedom and comfort in not having to lie, tracking those lies, and staying true to whatever your truth is.

… anyone in any circumstance… Nothing to hide.

All that BS that fakes and liars have to balance? The amount of mental bandwidth they have to cover is insane.

Peace of mind is invaluable and opens you up to growth, success and personal happiness.

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