Business seems to have a cycle to it.

Every few years there is a “new chapter” in my career. And I feel like I’m in one now.

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I remember starting my SEO company 11 years ago. Super busy for a few years. Then “I made it.” I reached what I thought was reasonable success.

But you’re still growing slowly without noticing. Then one day you realize how much you’ve grown and how much more you can achieve.

Then it repeats.

As fellow entrepreneur Jeff J Hunter said, don’t hire until it hurts. Super excited with all of the new clients and eager to grow the team.

The thing about hiring is that I care about the people that join the team. Because it’s just that… a team. I want cohesion. And hiring is exhausting.

  • Posting jobs
  • Interviews
  • Testing candidates
  • Saying “no”
  • Saying “maybe”

But that’s a good problem.

I also want a safety net. I want to make sure I NEED this new person so bad that it will solve a painful load of work. That way I guarantee I have enough work to keep them employed. The last thing I want is to hire someone just to let them go months later.

And there’s so much more to come. My SEO book is still in the works. I also invested tens of thousands of dollars last month into automating our lead gen. That’s why I think I’ll look back next year at today and go “wow, what a chapter.”