Want to scale your business with a successful team? A team that crushes needs only three things:

  1. respect
  2. autonomy
  3. reasonable compensation

Most business owners get this backwards. They think it’s all about pay… and they still underpay even when they think #3 is the biggest influence. Ironic.

I don’t pay my team anything crazy above market value. But they wouldn’t leave for the world, because of the other two, autonomy and respect.

  • I never text them work questions on their personal numbers.
  • I never call them after hours.

And when I’ve reached out it’s during business hours and to ask how they’re doing, family updates, and see if I can help support non-work things like hobbies, or family milestones and activities.

Didn’t have any leave the team until around year 12.  Sure, I’ve let people go over the years. But twelve years without a single resignation. And even then it was because they had an opportunity that I supported and encouraged them to take.

Your team’s success and attitude is as good or bad as the documentation, direction, and trust that you give them.  Give them sufficient levels of those three things, then get out of their way.  See them take ownership, and watch the magic.

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