Was thinking about times I remember talking 💩 about people. We all do it.  While it was never a habitual thing, still embarrassing the times I remember doing it; as recent as earlier this year.

Looking back, those moments for me came from vulnerability or envy. There was either things going on at the time that made me cynical. Or, I saw people doing things that I couldn’t fully understand. So I’d talk down on it without knowing the context.

I love where I’m at in life now. It’s an honor to have failed, then to learn and realize I failed so now I know better.  I’ve learned from experiences like that so much that the clarity and confidence that come with it make me not afraid.

Not afraid to apologize if it comes up, or even go out of my way to proactively bring it up, and admit, “I said some dumb things back then, here’s why, and I was wrong for doing so. I’m sorry.”

Whether they understand or forgive me isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of what’s right, and that integrity is freeing.

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