Know what I love about surrounding yourself with winners? They want you to win.

Just called up a good friend to talk about my company growth. His business was just acquired by a billion dollar company.

Told him how I’m happy for him and things are going well at SEO National. Talked about how it’s exciting but there’s, understandably, days where growth is a lot to take in.

Talked about how scaling fulfillment isn’t a problem. I documented my team’s processes years ago so with the push of a button we can launch a project with perfect quality control in seconds.

Then with his crystal ball he cut me off and said…

“You now have to scale leadership?”

Nailed it.

“Let’s go to lunch, because that’s probably an hour or two conversation. I’ll draw parallels to my growth and the mistakes we made. I’ll also share examples of what the company that bought us is doing to help save us from mistakes they previously made, too.”

Same thing with meeting Dennis Yu last week. When you meet others that have found success, they’re dying to lift others up. We both shared our stories, journey, current projects, future goals, and feedback.

All the haters of driven entrepreneurs are either jealous or insecure.

The ones ahead want to help. And when they know you won’t waste their time and will implement their suggestions, they root for you. They want you to win so bad that they’ll often help you for free.

I’ve never heard a successful person talk shit to another entrepreneur trying to get to their level. People that doubt you are the ones behind you. Never the ones ahead of you.