A car followed me off the freeway, pulled up next to me at the light, and gestured to roll down the window.  Supercar strikes again. New question a stranger asked this time though…

Damon Burton Audi R8 supercar

Took my son to a late night soccer practice. He’s on a competition team so it’s at an indoor facility 20 minutes away on the freeway.  On the way home from practice there was a car in the emergency lane trying to merge back onto the freeway. I got over to give him room, but then I realized I was going to miss the exit. Picked up the speed a little and got back over.

The car followed off the off ramp, pulling up next to me and my son at the light. I looked over and he gestured to roll down the window.  20-something year old kid asked, “What do you do for a living?”

“I own a search engine marketing company.”

He repeated back to his friends in the car.

“You own a marketing company? Cool. That’s a really nice car.”

Replied back, “Thank you. I started the company around your age.” In a subliminal wink kind of way.

He smiled big.

Another seed of inspiration planted.

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