Success comes from accomplishment. But fulfillment doesn’t.

One of our team members just celebrated two years with SEO National. I sent a “thanks,” kudos, and a bonus.

But they took it a step further.

success vs fulfillment

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They chose to embrace SEO National and gather family to celebrate. They shared the attached pic and this message.

❝I just wanted to share my 2nd anniversary celebration on the team. ❤️😭 Thank you so much Damon.

I had the chance to celebrate it with family, friends and pets earlier today…

Thanks a ton Damon for giving me this opportunity and for letting me grow and always trusting my ideas and opinions even if I fail sometimes.

It’s a wonderful blessing to meet you and be inspired by your life, perspective, brilliant mind, character and leadership.

I pledged to do the same, to give back the blessings and kindness to everyone. To be an influencer and role model in my own ways and capabilities.

2 years with SEO National have been smooth sailing, love the team and had many life lessons learned. Excited for more years with the family…❞

Over the two years they’ve learned to fail forward. To embrace scary things. To take risks. To fail.

They’ve also chosen to pay it forward. To inspire others. To give back.

Success comes from accomplishment. But a sense of fulfillment comes from helping others. Leveling them up greater than they believed was possible themselves.


Bonus points for the dog in the upper-right going for the cat, and the cat going for the pizza.

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